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Businesses can rely on the MagnumMeta decentralized technology to provide quick and efficient services to their customers and transparent business practices that allow customers to verify the authenticity of a product or service before finalizing the purchase.
  • MagnumMeta will help businesses eliminate challenges faced in e-commerce and increase high sales conversion. It will also provide complete control and flexibility for business owners as they can keep track of occurring transactions. Business owners can collaborate with their supply chain from manufacturing to logistics as information can be passed between teams without tampering and without risk of being seen by outsiders. MagnumMeta brings trust to your organization as your clients can track the entire process of their purchase, getting real-time updates on items.
  • MagnumMeta will provide an immersed experience for our users, allowing clients to interact with products, get suggestions and recommendations, speak to a sales agent, test and try products before purchasing them, and much more. We estimate that this solution can reduce returns and refunds drastically by 90% as users can make better choices and decisions before payment.
  • MagnumMeta creates opportunities for the unbanked adults to have businesses within our community and provides exposure to a much larger market.
  • Payments are secure, fast, and reliable with low fees and the elimination of middlemen that have caused high transaction costs and high exchange rates in times past.
Businesses are in control; they can run as efficiently as done physically, interact with customers, give product suggestions, and have high customer retention. Unlike similar platforms, business owners on MagnumMeta can set the price and keep 100% of their revenue.