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Blockchain technology and virtual reality (VR) can be combined in various ways to create innovative applications and solutions. MagnumMeta as a blockchain solution provider will enhance e-business in various industries including healthcare, institutions, and real estate with the combination of VR and blockchain. Here are a few potential examples of how this could work
  • Remote working challenges: MagnumMeta will allow business owners to effectively communicate with their employees, including reading body language and in-person interaction.
  • MagnumMeta will help healthcare workers interact with patients without geographical limitations. With MagnumMeta, they can consult health services with patients and get precise and personalized insight into their medical needs.
  • Business owners can recreate their workroom in MagnumMeta, giving their clients a real-world experience, interacting with clients, and organizing meetings & workshops. Payments can be seamlessly received for all services from customers within MagnumMeta.
  • VR would provide an immersive way for real estate agents to visualize and showcase properties to potential buyers, enabling them to make more informed decisions about property purchases. Additionally, blockchain can enable secure and transparent payment processing, providing a trusted and efficient way for buyers and sellers to complete real estate transactions.
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